African Pygmy Hedgehog Housing Requirements

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In order to house your hedgehog correctly, Simply Exotic Hedgehogs recommend the following:-

Zoozone 2

VivExotic Vivariums - Large or Extra Large

Heating Requirements

For a Zoozone 2 the best way to provide a heat source is by using a Habistat Heat Mat - 11" x11" with a Mat Stat Temperature Controller.  This method can also be used in a vivarium or you can provide a constant temperature throughout the vivarium by using a Ceramic Heat Emitter and Temperature Thermostat.

Habistat Heat Mat

Habistat Mat Stat Temperature Control

Ceramic Heat Emitter

Ceramic Bulb Holder

Temperature Thermostat

Housing Accessories

Fleece Liner and Snuggle Sack

Carolina Bucket Wheel



Food and Water Bowls


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